As you can see, things are pretty cozy down here, and we hope you find the time you spend with us enjoyable. In fact, we hope you’ll become one of our friends and visit us often. We are very busy developing more activities and suggestions not only for the children in your life but also for you – as their caregiver, teacher, and role model.

Our Guiding Vision

All the books featured on this site try to model a way of being in the world that will help children
become generous and useful members of their community – no small task in a society in which
community values are constantly being undercut by packaged entertainment, technological
distractions, and an ethos of competitiveness and consumption.

In every Badger and Fox story, as well as in What Jill Did While Jack Climbed the Beanstalk and
Blue In Your Hair, Green On Your Chair, young adventurers – many of them female – set out to
solve a problem, accomplish a task, and deal with something unexpected in a constructive way.
Here you will find adventures and successes that emphasize imagination, persistence, and goodwill.


Review for Badger and Fox and Friends

“I was thrilled to see that the Badger and Fox stories are now in print. At Bigelow Cooperative Daycare
we began using readings of the stories many years ago. They have been a big hit with both the teachers
and the children. Badger and Fox and their friends model the kinds of social skills we want our children
to develop…. We hope to enjoy the stories in many ways for years to come.”

Dawn Lorino, Director
Bigelow Cooperative Daycare Center


Review for What Jill Did While Jack Climbed the Beanstalk

“I just finished this book, and it is absolutely delightful! It is so well written, and the illustrations are
just charming. And I know from reading a lot of fairy tales, that you have incorporated many of their usual
themes, such as magical favors being granted for good and generous deeds. The story really comes alive,
and is very engaging. I’m sure it will speak to any little (or even bigger) girl’s heart.”

Elizabeth Moreland
Waldorf Teacher

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