As you can see, things are pretty cozy down here, and we hope you find the time you spend with us enjoyable. In fact, we hope you’ll become one of our friends and visit us often. We are very busy developing more activities and suggestions not only for the children in your life but also for you – as someone who dearly wants those children to become people who are happy, healthy, and kind.


“Humanity is alive and well in the Animal Kingdom!

An especially timely collection of children’s stories if you value, as I do, what our world
might look like if we all worked and played together with kindness, respect and curiosity.”

Judy Hartford
Licensed Social Worker


“In many ways, these are the kinds of creatures that we hope our own children can learn to be.
Perhaps if we read these stories to our children, they too can learn to be curious, thoughtful,
and respectful of differences.”

Thad Harshbarger
Licensed Psychologist