Badger and Fox and Friends, is, of course, the title of one of our books and the name of our website, but it is also something else. All the books featured here try to model a way of being in the world that will help children become generous and useful members of their community – no small task in a society in which community values are constantly being undercut by packaged entertainment, technological distractions, and an ethos of competitiveness and consumption.

In every Badger and Fox story, as well as in What Jill Did While Jack Climbed the Beanstalk and Blue in Your Hair, young adventurers – many of them female – set out to solve a problem, accomplish a task, and deal with something unexpected in a constructive way. Here you will find adventures and successes that require nothing more than imagination, persistence, and goodwill.

Thus, in a very real sense all of the texts on this site have a moral dimension – if by “moral” one understands taking care of oneself and others in a generous, authentic way. If you share this vision of how things could – and should – be, please contact us with comments and suggestions. We would love to include you among our friends.



Edward Zlotkowski is a former professor of English and has long had a special interest in children’s literature. He spent much of his career helping develop partnerships between colleges and universities, and community organizations. He currently works with several organizations that provide educational
and creative opportunities for underserved children. He is the grandfather of two avid young readers.
He and his wife, Ellen Wolfe, divide their time between Somerville, MA, and West Tisbury, MA.




Anne Le Guern was born and bred in Paris, France. Following her early childhood dream to draw
every day, she became an artist; studying in Florence, Paris, and New York. Her work combines
whimsy with simple lines, resulting in unexpectedly wry and sophisticated illustrations. She lives
in Brooklyn with her husband, Abe, two feisty sons, Luca and Morgan, and dog, Marlo.



Karen Busch Holman is a fine artist and children’s book illustrator living in Barrington, NH, and Lafayette, NJ. Her work has been juried into many national exhibitions and galleries, and her
illustrations can be found in numerous children’s books and nonfiction publications. She actively
shares her love of art with elementary schools in the northeastern region.