Badger and Fox and Friends Go Ablogging!

Dear, Friends,

Since there are no computers in the forest where Badger and Fox and friends live, I have generously offered to help by writing this blog page for them. I have promised to be very careful not to say anything they themselves wouldn’t say, so the information I provide will be, in their words, “very special.”

The first thing they told me to mention is that they are very excited to make some new human friends without neglecting the animal friends who live nearby. Eventually, if you enjoy this conversation, they will probably ask a few of those animal friends – rabbit or squirrel or skunk or bear – to join in as well.

If you have any questions about Badger and Fox’s new book or any suggestions for sharing it, please comment below. As soon as we begin gathering a few non-forest friends, we will post again. We wish all the children who have just gone back to school a great beginning to the new school year!

Secretary to Badger and Fox and Friends