The Heart of The Forest

Last week was Valentine’s Day, and this seems like a good time for a second blog entry. On Valentine’s Day we give cards and presents to people we are especially fond of, especially partners, children, and very good friends. It’s a wonderful thing to do, but it’s important to remember that we can always help make people happy by being kind to them. If we only express our love and appreciation on special holidays, we miss our chance to make the world a brighter place.

This week one of Badger and Fox’s favorite human friends has come to join them on their website. Her name is Jill, and her book is called What Jill Did While Jack Climbed the Beanstalk. Many people have heard of her brother, Jack. He’s the boy who climbed an enormous beanstalk and found a giant’s castle where he stole a hen that lays golden eggs. However, not many people know Jack had a sister Jill, and Jill had an exciting adventure of her own.

There are no giants in Badger and Fox’s forest – unless you count Bear who is indeed a lot bigger than the other animals. But Bear is also a very kind animal. If he had a hen who lays golden eggs, he would want to share them with all his friends. In this way he is a lot like Jack’s sister Jill who is also very kind and always wants to share whatever good things she has.

Unfortunately, not everyone in Jill’s story is as generous as she is. In fact, in Jill’s story there are characters much meaner than anyone Badger and Fox know. What, then, is she to do when those mean characters – who are also much older and bigger than she is – try to steal and sell food she wants to share with her friends and neighbors? Jill is the perfect Valentine heroine. She does nice things for her family, friends, and neighbors all year long. She has a big heart, bigger than any of the hearts on Valentine cards.

Badger and Fox and all their friends are so happy Jill has come to share their website home! We hope you too get to know her soon.

Badger and Fox and Friends Go Ablogging!

Dear, Friends,

Since there are no computers in the forest where Badger and Fox and friends live, I have generously offered to help by writing this blog page for them. I have promised to be very careful not to say anything they themselves wouldn’t say, so the information I provide will be, in their words, “very special.”

The first thing they told me to mention is that they are very excited to make some new human friends without neglecting the animal friends who live nearby. Eventually, if you enjoy this conversation, they will probably ask a few of those animal friends – rabbit or squirrel or skunk or bear – to join in as well.

If you have any questions about Badger and Fox’s new book or any suggestions for sharing it, please comment below. As soon as we begin gathering a few non-forest friends, we will post again. We wish all the children who have just gone back to school a great beginning to the new school year!

Secretary to Badger and Fox and Friends