What does it mean to be Jewish? Does it simply mean your mother is Jewish? Or you were born into a Jewish family? Or that you believe in certain things or hold certain values? And what happens if you think you’re Jewish but no other Jewish people look like you? Welcome to the world of Sharona – a, to put it mildly, remarkable little pig who grows up in a Jewish household and not only learns to speak, read, and write like a Harvard graduate, but also thinks she’s Jewish. So why shouldn’t she, like one of her 13-year-old friends, visit Israel? What’s the big deal? As it turns out, plenty!


“Then one day she heard a girl with whom she was doing a park clean-up mention that for the girl’s Bat Mitzvah her parents were sending her to Israel to mark her ‘full membership in the Jewish community.’ The very phrase made Sharona tingle, and she couldn’t get the idea of such a trip out of her head. Like the melody of a song, it sang to her morning, noon, and night. It went from being a notion to being an option and from being an option to being a need.” (Age 12-adult)