Like The Little Engine that Could, Little Moxie tells the story of an unlikely mechanical hero. When Moxie, a small pink backhoe, shows up at a school building site, the other trucks are unhappy. Her size and her color seem to call into question their sense of importance. However, Moxie’s positive attitude and her popularity with children lead all but one of the other construction vehicles to change their minds. The holdout is a big orange excavator who couldn’t care less about her attitude or popularity with children. Then, one day, a near accident forces even the excavator to see he has misjudged the stuff Moxie is made of.


“Several weeks passed, and all was going well. The little pink backhoe was now a regular member of the truck team, and every day more children came to watch and cheer. Everyone seemed so happy – everyone, that is, except for the orange excavator, who seemed to get less happy. ‘I came here to work, not to have fun,’ it growled whenever someone tried to cheer it up.” (Age 3-5)