Jefferson is bored. It is almost the end of school vacation week, and again it is drizzling. When his mother finds him preparing to walk across the back of the living room couch, she sends him outside to work off some energy. In the park next door he goes straight for the jungle gym, only to discover something he had never noticed before: a big tree limb parallel to the back of the gym. In a second he knows what he wants to do, and as he begins climbing higher and higher up the trunk of the big tree, he leaves both the world below and all his former frustrations. What does Jefferson find high in the branches of the big tree? How does he prove his courage and determination? Is it perhaps his own heroic actions that bring back the sun?


“It was HIS cloud and HIS tree and HIS big adventure. For the first time that week he felt really happy, watching the fog drifting in and out of the tree’s tangle of branches – no ground, no houses, no park – nothing but cloud and tree and that strange stuttering and fluttering when the wind blew.” (Age 6-8)